Privacy Policy

The WB-DAT (Web Based Depression and Anxiety Test) provides customized educational information that will help you communicate with your mental health professional. If you take the WB-DAT you will be asked for some anonymous personal information. The following outlines the type of anonymous information collected and how it is used, and describes our Privacy Policy regarding the use of this data.

strictly adheres to international laws that protect your privacy. Our programs and data collection methodologies follow guidelines set forth by:


What kind of information is required in order to take the WB-DAT

The Internet version of the WB-DAT is truly unique in that it allows you to easily become an active member of a worldwide, ongoing effort to assist in the diagnosis of depression, panic disorder and/or agoraphobia. The research data gathered on this site will only be reviewed on the basis of population, and will only be reviewed by WB-DAT and its advisors. No personal data will be used, forwarded or sold to an outside organization. WB-DAT.

If you choose to use this Internet program, you can consider yourself part of an advanced, ongoing effort to help those suffering from depression, panic disorder and/or agoraphobia.